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15 Place des Villas
Sainte-Luce, Québec
G0K 1P0 Canada

Three reasons to try the beach cabins experience in Ste-Luce-sur-Mer

Whether you want to enjoy a variety of activities, eat in great restaurants or relax on the beach with family and friends, Ste-Luce-sur-Mer is the perfect destination for your next vacation. The city offers several types of accommodations, but if you’re looking for a place to rent in Ste-Luce-sur-Mer, here are three reasons why you should try the beach cabins experience in this charming town.

Try a different type of accommodation

You’re probably used to staying in a hotel when you go on vacation. Or maybe you’re part of the growing number of people who book accommodations through the Airbnb platform. In Ste-Luce-sur-Mer, you can rent a cottage, a motel room or even a trailer on a campground. However, here’s the question to ask:

Source: Photo taken by Le Navigateur Ste-Luce’s owners

Why not try something different?

In the beach cabins of Ste-Luce-sur-Mer, with their vibrant colors and zen ambience, you will feel somewhat at odds with your surroundings while still feeling at home. Their modern yet authentic look and their quiet, comfortable environment offer a different experience than motels, campgrounds and apartments. Whether you come with your friends, your kids, your lover or even your four-legged friend, the cabins can accommodate up to 4 people and are perfect for a special stay! 

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Enjoy a variety of activities close to your accommodation

The city of Ste-Luce-sur-Mer and the surrounding towns are full of activities to do and places to visit. From nautical activities to walks in nature and shopping, there is something for everyone.

Source: Pexel, Photo taken by Tiana

What are the nautical activities? 

Plein Air Sainte-Luce offers paddle board as well as single and double kayak rentals. Rentals are offered every day of the week, and you can get advice on itineraries from the professionals on site. If you practice windsurfing or kitesurfing, you will be able to meet other enthusiasts and practice your sport in complete safety thanks to the Force 5 Club located in Rimouski, the neighboring city.

What are the recreational activites? 

In Ste-Luce-sur-Mer and in the neighboring towns (Rimouski, Saint-Ulric, etc.), a lot of tourism activities await you. Visit the superb Carpinteri villa at the heart of the vineyards, visit the Onondaga submarine and the historic Pointe-au-Père lighthouse, take a walk in the magnificent trails of the Bic National Park; the possibilities are endless. 

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What are the more relaxing activities? 

If nautical activities are not your cup of tea and you don’t feel like driving, you can still have fun without leaving Ste-Luce-sur-Mer. Plein Air Ste-Luce does not only offer rentals for activities on the water; you can also rent electric bicycles. They’re perfect for effortless sightseeing! The boardwalk is also bordered by many stores and boutiques offering creations from local artisans. If you’re in the mood for seafood and craft beers, you can enjoy both in one of the many restaurants.

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Source: Pexel, Photo taken by Ben Mack

Enjoy the benefits of the sun and the beach

What are the benefits?

Moderate exposure to the sun contributes to the production of vitamin D and calcium in the body, which helps strengthen bones and improve the mood! Spending time in the water can also be a good way to work out; the water acts as a natural resistance, but without affecting the joints. Besides, spending time in the sun and by the water produces endorphins, also known as the happiness hormones. Endorphins help reduce stress and increase feelings of well-being. All of these elements together create the ideal conditions for a good night’s sleep. You’ll sleep like a baby! 

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