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15 Place des Villas
Sainte-Luce, Québec
G0K 1P0 Canada

Accomodation, activities and restaurants : the musts in Sainte-Luce-sur-Mer

Visit Sainte-Luce-sur-Mer, between Rimouski and Sainte-Flavie, halfway between Bas Saint-Laurent and Gaspésie. A must-see little paradise in which you can enjoy a wide variety of activities and find places to escape with your friends and family.

If you are going to Sainte-Luce-sur-Mer and don’t want to miss the musts, follow this guide!

Stunning sunsets

Discover a postcard landscape every night. The sunsets are known to be amongst the most beautiful in the province. The best way to know if it’s true is to see it with your own eyes 😉 We recommend that you rent a paddle board to enjoy it to the fullest!

The town is in fact a location favored by many artists, and the site of many movie sets.

Source_Photo taken by the owners of Le Navigateur Ste-Luce, Sunset

L’Anse-aux-Coques beach

Enjoy a 2,5 km fine sand beach which is known to be amongst the most beautiful beaches in Quebec. Ideal to relax with friends or family! For those who don’t want to get wet, we recommend a nice kilometer long walk that attracts a lot of tourists, especially in the summer. But the tourists are not the only ones who love this magical view; the locals can’t get enough of it.  

Throughout your walk, you can observe many sculptures carved during the Sculpturales, which take place every year in August, and beautiful colored houses that reflect the town.

Source_Photo taken by the owners of Le Navigateur Ste-Luce, L’Anse-aux-Coques beach

Sculpturales, the August event

For a whole week, take part in an iconic and recreational event designed to highlight the work of many professional sculptors, who each create a massive work of art in a piece of wood.

Source_Google Maps Images, Photo taken by Nathalie Savard, 2019, Sculpture in Sainte-Luce beach

The Navigateur Ste-Luce accomodation, a safe haven at the heart of Sainte-Luce-sur-Mer

The best way to enjoy all those activities is to stay at the heart of Sainte-Luce-sur-Mer. The Navigateur Ste-Luce’s cabins will bring you comfort and authenticity in the middle of a protected nature.  

This site has been considered as the area’s best accommodation for more than 20 years. A new administration recently took over the place, making it more modern and offering better customer service.

Book a cabin in a few clicks.

Source_Photo taken by the owners of Le Navigateur Ste-Luce, Le Navigateur Ste-Luce’s site

The Carpinteri vineyard; Italy two steps away from you

A unique and surprising place, impossible to find on the other side of the Atlantic. The Carpinteri vineyard is located at about one hour drive from Sainte-Luce. You don’t need to go to Italy to get a glimpse of its landscapes, architecture and food. Discover this magnificent villa at the heart of the vineyards by tasting delicious Mediterranean dishes. The site offers a virtual visit, but we recommend that you keep the element of surprise for your eyes and taste buds.

Source_Carpinteri vineyard’s gallery

A bike ride up to the Pointe-au-Père lighthouse

This historic lighthouse is located in Rimouski, about 10 km away from Sainte-Luce. Built in 1909 to the will of the Canadian government to help navigation on the St. Lawrence River at the beginning of the 20th century, it has now been recognized as a federal heritage building since 1990. 

Enjoy a bike ride along the coastline, where you can see charming fancy houses made of natural or colored cedar shingles and breathe in the salty air of the sea. As a post-exercise comfort, a majestic view of the river awaits you, at a height of 33 meters.

Discover one of the monuments that found itself at the heart of the worst Canadian maritime tragedy when the Empress of Ireland sank, all the while enjoying the vastness of the river and the beauty of nature.

Source_Google Maps Images, Photo taken by Richard Poulin, 2020, National historical location of the Pointe-au-Père lighthouse

The must-see Bic National Park

This park, located 15 km West of Rimouski and about 30 minutes by car from Sainte-Luce-sur-Mer, is a must to see if you are around.

The park is known for its beauty, but not only that:

  • It also is an excellent place for the observance of harbour seals, common eiders and vultures.
  • This nature is home to the highest concentration of American porcupine in North America.
  • It is also a place favourable to the discovery of a third of the species of Quebec’s vascular plants (sub-Arctic and alpine-Arctic plants).
Source_Google Maps Images, Photo taken by Zachary Poirier, 2020, Bic National Park

L’APPÂT buvette, a restaurant that you will soon recommend yourself

Ideally located in a casual atmosphere, L’APPÂT buvette offers a menu that evolves based on arrivals and the availability of local products, in addition to highlighting the area’s own producers.

The patio on the edge of the river is also the perfect spot to spend enjoyable moments in the sun. The menu includes a wide selection of Quebec wines and private imports, cocktails and microbrewery beers coming from here and abroad.

Source_Google Maps Images, Photo taken by L’APPÂT buvette, 2022, L’APPÂT buvette

Le Ketch, the must-see microbrewery in Sainte-Flavie

The Sainte-Flavie municipality is located on the edge of the St. Lawrence River, 10 minutes away from Saint-Luce-sur-Mer. This microbrewery’s atmosphere is maritime, welcoming and modern. If you have the chance to pass by that spot when the sun sets, stop by and enjoy beers from Gaspésie while admiring a beautiful view. The team has elaborated a special menu for groups containing specialties coming from Gaspésie and abroad.

Since it is a very popular destination, we recommend that you book online on their website before you visit.

Source_Google Maps Images, Photo taken by Le Ketch’s owners, 2019, Le Ketch – Coastline Microbrewery

La distillerie du St. Laurent; Quebec’s pioneer in microdistillation

This small independent brewery, born from a friendship, makes artisan spirits from the area’s raw materials. The two friends, who became owners, started by creating a gin inspired from their land, infused with seaweed. Since then, the distillery has been producing Whisky from local grain as well as Acerum, a new category of spirits made from the distillation of maple syrup.

In summer as in winter, we highly recommend you to go visit the place to taste the local spirits and meet these two talented craftsmen.

Source_Google Maps Images, Photo taken by the Distillerie du St. Laurent’s owners, 2022, DistillerieduStLaurent_MIDRES-18 1